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Intro to Dreamwork: Secret Spaces of the Soul

Dreams can be a powerful portal into the regions of the soul veiled to our conscious mind. Access new insights and discover patterns as they arise each night in your psyche. We’ll come together weekly to explore meaning reflected in the feelings, metaphors and imagery conveyed by your dreams.


Although learning to work with your dream can feel therapeutic this group is not therapy and is intended to support personal growth and curious exploration.


This six week series will have an extremely limited group size for an intimate interpretive experience. 

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Upcoming and past groups:

>> Sacred Village: Connection & Care for Women

>> Story in our Bones: Women Who Run with Wolves Exploration Group

Crafting a Life you Love

Getting clear about what you want, and why you want it can help increase motivation and balance in body, mind and spirit. Over time, we move further from what’s important because we’re constantly “doing” and pushing ourselves. It can be exhausting and frustrating. When aligned with our heart’s desires success is inevitable.

Our time together is about clearing away the film and identifying self-defeating patterns and ideas so that new, supportive ones can be discovered. During this workshop we’ll use ancient wisdom that guides us through setting goals that originate with our deepest desires helping us craft a life we love.

• Explore and rework your goals so they come from your heart.
• Uncover what is keeping you blocked.
• Learn ways to cope with stress which may include meditation, preventative care or relaxation techniques.

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Resilience: Steps to a Healthy Mind, Body & Spirit

In addition to the internal scripts and patterns constantly running through our minds, our health is impacted by our environment—the people, seasons and things we interact with on a daily basis. Remaining strong in body, mind and spirit is essential to maintaining wellness and when preparing for change. Together we’ll work to shift from a mindset of surviving to one of thriving by taking ownership of our health and learning ways to improve physical and subtle body immunity.

• Identify places where you may be experiencing imbalance
• Explore practices to help you get started on a path to healing
• Create an individualized plan for care and growth moving forward

To be notified about our next session please email

Examples of past workshops include:

>> Super Charge for Success

>> Relationship in Action: Therapeutic Skills Training & Ethical Considerations for Coaches 

>> Ayurveda for Yoga Teacher Trainees

>> Story & Symbols with Tarot 

>> Four Keys to a Soulful Life

>> Fairytales: An Evening of Hidden Gems 

No classes are being held at this time.
Examples of past classes include:

>> Meditation at Tulaa Yoga - each month we have a special focus as well move through various forms of meditation. Appropriate for all levels of practitioner from brand new to experienced.​​

>> Meditation Mamas at Pure Yoga - Private Group. Contact me to discuss starting a private class for your group or corporate office. 

Erin McCloskey provides confidential, client-focused counseling, coaching and therapy services specializing in areas that include, but are not limited to: Women’s Health, Chronic Stress, Life Transitions, Low Motivation, Anxiety, Depression, Relationships, Self Esteem, Spirituality, and Maternal Mental Health including issues in Pregnancy, Prenatal Anxiety, and Postpartum Depression.

Serving: Wilmington, Hockessin, Newark and Greenville, DE as well as Media, Garnet Valley, and Chadds Ford, PA, and their surrounding communities.

Erin McCloskey, M.Ed., LPCMH

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