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Thoughts: Shift what powers your day

There are days when the thoughts flood in. Sometimes you don't know what to do or how to begin to organize them. It can be helpful to clear the slate creating space for new ideas to move in. It's hard to take action, or even rest when your container is filled to the brim. It could be full of old beliefs, unhelpful thoughts, and words or phrases said by others that cut deep.

These are all things that are standing in the way of you doing what you want to do. "I'm not creative enough to paint" or "I’m not good at math." Not fact, but feels like fact. Perhaps at one point someone said something to you, you were compared, or you compared yourself. For years you seek confirmation of these beliefs. Pause for a reminder to not judge yourself. We all do it. To prove these thoughts true. Somewhere in the depths of your soul you were hearing whispers from a different voice despite the criticism or attention you've received.

A thought dump is an extremely helpful exercise to create new space for new ideas to flow in AND to make space for a second or two of silence. If you're having trouble meditating and are looking for a way to clear some of the thoughts that are making it hard to sit give this exercise a try before you practice. Lift the veil and experience an obstruction free view of your inner wisdom so you can share yourself more authentically with the world.

Exercise: Switching on the Release Valve

Collect your supplies: piece of paper or notebook, timer (phone will work), pen

Set your timer for 5 to 10 minutes.

Begin to write. The rule here is no editing. Do not censor yourself, no stopping, no re-reading, and no analyzing. Keep writing and writing until you hear the ding. If you get stuck and aren’t sure what to write simply say that, I don’t know what to write, over and over until the next thought arises.

Initially, as things are getting rolling it might be rough, and kind of negative. Shoulds, musts, and things that have been superimposing on you for years will bubble up. Remind yourself as you write that it’s not true, and that some thoughts don’t have an origin that can be nailed down. That’s okay. Keep writing.

The mind is a busy place. There's a lot of movement there. By accepting thoughts are going to flow in, we can also depend on them moving out if they have the space. They can move just as our emotions move.

Last step, don't look at what you wrote again. Ever. If you feel like you'll be tempted then transform them. Burn them away, from paper to ash. If you don't feel comfortable burning them, or you're not somewhere safe to destroy the pages, tuck them away somewhere safe.

Practice this exercise daily, brave one. Incorporate it into your morning and start the day with new perspective. #balance #overwhelm #selfcare #thoughts #positivestart

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