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The Journey Isn't Linear

There is a moment, perhaps a series of moments in which you realize the way in which life is moving isn’t working. Yes, your job is okay, maybe you even love it, your relationship seems ideal, and your friends are nice. You, however, feel like you’re crawling out of your skin. You look under all the rocks, read through all the self-help books, save all the inspirational quotes in your feed but still can’t put your finger on what to do next. You’re in the perfect place, I promise.

You may enter into your practice whether it be meditation, therapy, coaching, yoga, art or whatever your outlet is with a desire to grow. You want to better understand what you’ve had the opportunity to briefly glance at, a glimpse into your potential through a lens of discomfort that is your current reality.

This journey doesn’t move along a straight trajectory. The danger, and the spaces for the largest potential growth, are in the moments where we twist, turn and experience what feels like failure. But, failure is all about perspective.

It is hard. Your brain wants to find the answers to the questions it has been asked. You’re a genius that way. Due to the belief systems that are currently programmed, we may be asking the wrong questions. Ones that will keep us stuck and stagnant and have us disregarding our growth. We don't realize as we continue on this evolutionary journey that we're expanding beyond our current understanding of who we are, what we can do. We see the dips and tangents as lost time. That is all a loop of thought tied to an old pattern. Change is scary to our nervous system so although you’re moving in upward fashion you may be revisited by old ways of being and coping when stresses arise.

We take those moments and seek out the gems. Remember, Divine energy doesn’t want you rushing to the end because the way in which you're looking at it will change as you change. Sometimes things are kept hidden as we move toward what we think we want so that the journey can be savored and new opportunity can be discovered. You’re redefining as you go because you are listening, learning to tolerate, and fine tuning.   

Grab your journal and explore your current state of awareness.

>> Where in my life am I feeling stuck?

>> What have I tried that felt like it didn’t work as out planned?

>> What insight did I get from this experience? About myself? What is the gem?

If you're feeling extra stuck, please reach out. It can make a huge difference to have someone to guide you through your experience.

Coming this month is Part 2 of the Nature's Rhythms series.


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