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Golden Tea Recipe and Dream Scripts

"There are three supports of life. They are food, sleep and observance of brahmacharya. Being supported by these the body is endowed with strength, complexion and growth and this continues up till the full span of life provided a person does not indulge in regimens detrimental to health." - Caraka Samhita

Sleep in one of the foundations of wellness. We suffer when our sleep is disturbed. Trouble falling asleep, staying asleep, or not sleeping peacefully can impact the way in which the body repairs itself. Without enough sleep it can be challenging to think clearly, negatively impacts your ability to regulate emotions, and makes recovery from damage caused by daily stress or strain difficult.  We heal during sleep. The body rebuilds and restores. It is our reset for the next day. Each goal, each plan, seems a little easier and a bit more achievable upon waking from a restful night's sleep. Science also supports that while dreaming we can heal from trauma on a subconscious level. 

Let's honor the power of sleep. We can start with creation of a special night routine. If you need a few ideas you can try turning off devices around 8pm, lower the lights, diffuse a relaxing scent like lavender, read a book, or practice a few restorative yoga poses. And, have your last meal by 6pm- this give the body time to digest so that as you sleep the body can devote energy to healing rather than digestion. Try out a sleep supporting sleepy time tea or golden milk instead.  

Golden Milk Recipe

Golden milk tea is an Ayurvedic drink that is simple and soothing. Warm organic or homemade nut milk and add a teaspoon of tumeric, doctor with a little honey or additional spices to support the dosha or season. Tumeric is beneficial for the immune system, supports cell repair, is anti-inflammatory, a natural antibiotic, and can improve circulation - helping your skin look fabulous!

Rewrite your Dreams

If your sleep is disturbed by reoccurring nightmares try a practice of rewrite and rehearse, using the power of imagery you are going to unravel the tired sweater of your nightmare and knit awesome new scarf. If you have reoccurring nightmares or stressful dreams that are impacting your relationship to sleep this is one way you can take back the power. You can shift the experience. Begin by writing the script of your dream upon waking, or maybe it is so vivid you can recall it now. Write until you reach the point where it feels like control is taken from you, typically this is when anxiety or fear make an appearance. Once you reach that part of the narrative I want you to rewrite the story.

Change what is scary or become the superhero. Give yourself a special skill, tool, or power that allows you to shift the outcome of the dream. Be detailed. It can be silly or lovely. That is up to you and your imagination. Once the story has been rewritten by YOU - practice it. This is the most important part. At least once a day (it works better if you do this several times daily) read and mentally rehearse the new story. Close your eyes and imagine the scene of this new play you have written as it unfolds. This helps the brain relearn, and break the cycle. If dreams are too distressing, or if insomnia has become severe please reach out to a professional for support. 

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