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Body Scan for Relaxation

Life can be full of tasks, interactions, and obligations. We are inundated with stimuli during the day through our cell phones, computers and televisions. It can be daunting to digest and assimilate everything that is coming at us. Poor digestion of what we eat, see, and hear can result in discomfort and dis-ease. Tension in our mind/emotions is likely to create physical issues. And, physical tensions or ailments can cause psychological discomfort. 

Positive outcomes of adding a meditation practice:

  • Increase present moment awareness of thoughts, feelings, and physical sensations

  • Learn to be with comfortable and uncomfortable sensations in the body

  • Shift to responding rather than reacting

  • Decrease your heart rate

  • Decrease cortisol levels- stress hormones

Body Scan for Relaxation

Find a quiet place to practice. Think of this space as your sanctuary for the next 12 minutes. Turn off all electronics. If you are able, change into comfortable clothing. Turn off the lights, or cover your eyes with a soft towel. This is an exercise of focus and intention encouraging your mind and body into a place of ease through systematically guiding your attention. Enter with curiosity and notice where you are experiencing stickiness, darkness, stagnation- as well as where you feel vibrant and alive. Any sensation is okay, please don't judge or analyze, just notice. Continue bringing yourself back to following my words when you notice are lost or following a stray thought. Each time you come back you are building and strengthening new pathways in the brain. Neuroscience supports this work! Sometimes uncomfortable thoughts or emotions arise- please know that can happen. If you find yourself in need please know I am here for support. 

Click here for a link to the audio practice

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